Cause punch press load noise which causes

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Sometimes, the staff believe that the punch load noise is a big trouble, let Xiao Bian to you today to solve this problem.

Resulting in load-driven noise between the punch tool and the workpiece or the impact of the stripper plate and the billet, the cause of the hot stamping and shearing process. Distortion and punching process of the largest punching shear noise.

1, punch noise: red process is different, the noise is very different. Sheet metal punching noise than bending, drawing, stamping and pressure wave, flanging, such as bending, noise drawing process is very small.

2. Torsional noise: similar to the punch grain noise and stamping thickness, hardness, geometry, hammer speed parts, mold gap factor, such as with the increase and increase in the number of noise. During punching, punch and sheet and stripper plates and slabs greatly increase the impact will also be associated with the impact of the increase in the speed of the crash, noise and subsequent material cracking effects can be measured separately, the increase in the measurement method has been Put into practice. In the same punch, cutting thick, hard material than punching thin, soft material noise. On the ductility of the thickness of the metal sheet, the punch impinges on the noise and catches to the same size.

Detailed description of the polishing type of punch machine

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Punch to save materials and energy, high efficiency, and not high, the technical requirements of the operator and the use of various molds can not be achieved by machining the advantages of the product, so it is more and more widely used. However, the workpiece surface roughness also needs to be reduced to obtain a bright, smooth surface treatment method. So Henan punch which is polished with its specific type of polishing is as follows:

1, the flame polishing: the surface of the punch flame softening baking, the use of fire, you can remove some of the cotton, wrinkled skin surface, a lot of cutting flame polishing, but this method will reduce the punch surface roughness. SAM_6522_ Moumu compression .jpg

2, the use of polishing powder: This is a high-speed friction method, in the polished surface to remove scratches, polished parts before polishing, in this way, the best effect is cerium oxide, but this process is slowly.

3, acid polishing: surface treatment of acid corrosion on the punch, the punch is also used for polishing abrasive belt grinding, because the acid polishing equipment itself will reduce a lot of thickness, but can not completely remove the surface texture.

Polishing is a very important process, in the punch production, which determines the quality of the machine, so we have to master the necessary knowledge.

How to Ensure the Storage and Transportation Safety of Drilling Machine

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Plane drilling machine packaging for its safety in the storage and transportation process great impact, how to protect the plane plane drilling machine can effectively protect the plane when the storage is not damaged it? Plane drilling machine to use more wooden packaging, the wooden box manufacturers in the manufacture of wooden box , The box of material, structure, moisture content and other items to do specific provisions.
Box box inspection sampling decision must also refer to the rules of the box machine tools should be effectively fixed and gaskets, electrical and processing of unpainted surfaces should do anti-rust treatment, the rust is valid for two years in the storage And during the stay in Hong Kong Machine Tool products should be stored in the library, the temporary open-air storage should be raised and thatch cover to prevent rain, flooding. Box center of gravity, rain, not upside down, light and other signs should be complete to ensure transport When the product in good condition, safe arrival destination.
In accordance with the above method of packaging flat drilling machine, under normal circumstances will not be any problem.If the transport process, some manpower unstoppable natural disasters, which led to plane drilling damage, this situation requires additional processing, the two sides in advance Good responsibility division.

The Development Trend of NC Drilling Machine in Performance

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In recent years, CNC drilling machine has experienced unprecedented opportunities for development, but also encountered a greater challenge, then, CNC drilling machine performance in turn ushered in the development trend of what?
1, high-speed, high-precision high-speed, high-precision printed circuit board processing is the basic theme.
With the electronic products toward the miniaturization and miniaturization of the development trend of the printed circuit board aperture, line width. Line from the development of increasingly high demand, the main technical indicators of CNC drilling machine has increased to varying degrees, a number of Chu level , The current domestic and international PCB industry is very competitive.Production basin in the increase in profits decline.Therefore, we must fully improve the processing efficiency of the machine.Otherwise even if the Shoot again high, will lose economic significance.
2, high reliability, low equipment failure rate of rapid market agility, PCB manufacturers require a very short time in the provisions on time delivery, otherwise it will adversely affect business opportunities, which does not allow equipment often problems.
3, system integration, high degree of flexibility With the deepening of the process of social information, the corresponding requirements of CNC drilling machine integration, high degree of flexibility, a series of discrete essential processes integrated into a sweeping sweeping process Adapting to the basic concept of modern manufacturing industry, it is required that the numerical control system not only accomplish the normal processing functions, but also can automatically measure, automatically load and unload, and automatically change tool.