Cause punch press load noise which causes

October 20, 2016 · Posted in Uncategorised 

Sometimes, the staff believe that the punch load noise is a big trouble, let Xiao Bian to you today to solve this problem.

Resulting in load-driven noise between the punch tool and the workpiece or the impact of the stripper plate and the billet, the cause of the hot stamping and shearing process. Distortion and punching process of the largest punching shear noise.

1, punch noise: red process is different, the noise is very different. Sheet metal punching noise than bending, drawing, stamping and pressure wave, flanging, such as bending, noise drawing process is very small.

2. Torsional noise: similar to the punch grain noise and stamping thickness, hardness, geometry, hammer speed parts, mold gap factor, such as with the increase and increase in the number of noise. During punching, punch and sheet and stripper plates and slabs greatly increase the impact will also be associated with the impact of the increase in the speed of the crash, noise and subsequent material cracking effects can be measured separately, the increase in the measurement method has been Put into practice. In the same punch, cutting thick, hard material than punching thin, soft material noise. On the ductility of the thickness of the metal sheet, the punch impinges on the noise and catches to the same size.


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