Detailed description of the polishing type of punch machine

October 10, 2016 · Posted in Uncategorised 

Punch to save materials and energy, high efficiency, and not high, the technical requirements of the operator and the use of various molds can not be achieved by machining the advantages of the product, so it is more and more widely used. However, the workpiece surface roughness also needs to be reduced to obtain a bright, smooth surface treatment method. So Henan punch which is polished with its specific type of polishing is as follows:

1, the flame polishing: the surface of the punch flame softening baking, the use of fire, you can remove some of the cotton, wrinkled skin surface, a lot of cutting flame polishing, but this method will reduce the punch surface roughness. SAM_6522_ Moumu compression .jpg

2, the use of polishing powder: This is a high-speed friction method, in the polished surface to remove scratches, polished parts before polishing, in this way, the best effect is cerium oxide, but this process is slowly.

3, acid polishing: surface treatment of acid corrosion on the punch, the punch is also used for polishing abrasive belt grinding, because the acid polishing equipment itself will reduce a lot of thickness, but can not completely remove the surface texture.

Polishing is a very important process, in the punch production, which determines the quality of the machine, so we have to master the necessary knowledge.


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