How to Ensure the Storage and Transportation Safety of Drilling Machine

October 7, 2016 · Posted in Uncategorised 

Plane drilling machine packaging for its safety in the storage and transportation process great impact, how to protect the plane plane drilling machine can effectively protect the plane when the storage is not damaged it? Plane drilling machine to use more wooden packaging, the wooden box manufacturers in the manufacture of wooden box , The box of material, structure, moisture content and other items to do specific provisions.
Box box inspection sampling decision must also refer to the rules of the box machine tools should be effectively fixed and gaskets, electrical and processing of unpainted surfaces should do anti-rust treatment, the rust is valid for two years in the storage And during the stay in Hong Kong Machine Tool products should be stored in the library, the temporary open-air storage should be raised and thatch cover to prevent rain, flooding. Box center of gravity, rain, not upside down, light and other signs should be complete to ensure transport When the product in good condition, safe arrival destination.
In accordance with the above method of packaging flat drilling machine, under normal circumstances will not be any problem.If the transport process, some manpower unstoppable natural disasters, which led to plane drilling damage, this situation requires additional processing, the two sides in advance Good responsibility division.


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