Importance of high – end gears in presses during punching operation Dental gear

December 26, 2016 · Posted in Uncategorised 

Importance of high – end gears in presses during punching operation Dental gear as the Chinese machinery industry with the construction of one of the fundamental pieces of its build technology covers almost the most younger generation of machinery to build skills. Therefore, the annual meeting of foreign exchange of dozens of machine tools, tools, measuring, materials and other gear to create industrial chain of elegant enterprises to participate. Many of these suppliers have made gear to build the younger generation management program Marking on Metals, very practical. Sandvik Coromant as a nationally renowned supplier of metal cutting tools and management solutions, sent the Greater China region gear milling management program expert Thomas Williamson Jr and the participants to share Sandvik Coromant’s ‘gear processing challenges And management solutions.

He introduced the new CoroMill 176, a new all-toothed hob used for gear milling in Sandvik Coromant drilling machine online purchase. This new, all-toothed hob is intended for machining gears with a 4 to 6 mm range of modulus and can be used Roughing, semi-finishing and finishing. He demonstrated the absolute superiority of the CoroMill 176 and the conventional high-speed steel cutting tools by cutting data from all over the world: 50% reduction in tool life and double tool life. He focused on the introduction of Sandvik Coromant unilateral tool management program copper busbar bending machine, so that the participants in the short term to recognize the Sandvik Coromant tool to bring the cost of cutting expenditure and follow the sweetness of the drain. After the meeting, a number of business representatives and industry experts are still interesting and deep to its deeper coherent exchange.


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