Note the use of a fixed and variable feedrates in the same program Also note

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2 Variables applied (used) :

G00 G90 G54 X3500 Y17834 S#19 M03


G43 Z250 H03 M08

G01 Z-150 F2000


X4250 F#9


Note the use of a fixed and variable feedrates in the same program Also note that no mac ros

have been used at all Many pro gram mers do not re al ize that they may use vari ables in the main

pro gram (stan dard pro gram) only, with out a macro, pro vid ing the macro op tion is sup ported by

the con trol sys tem A com plete ex am ple of such an ap pli ca tion has al ready been shown ear lier, punch machine for Head in

Chap ter 1 – Fig ure 1, and still an other ex am ple Busway Press Clamp Machine is also in cluded in the next chap ter

Decimal Point Usage

High Speed Drilling Machine

A vari able that is de fined in the macro pro gram body must al ways be en tered with the dec i mal

point for all di men sional val ues, such as po si tion lo ca tions, dis tances, feedrates, or any other def i –

ni tions that use met ric or Eng lish units (see next sec tion) If these val ues are en tered with out the

dec i mal point, the in ter pre ta tion by the con trol will use the de fault set tings and could cause some

very se ri ous prob lems For ex am ple,

#11 = 45

may be in ter preted in nu mer ous ways, and not all will yield the same re sult The stored value of

45 may be come 450, 0045, 00045 – or re main just as de clared – 45

In pro gram ming, never count on de fault val ues !

If an in put value ac cepts the dec i mal point, al ways de clare it with the dec i mal point in cluded In

daily ap pli ca tions, typ i cal val ues that re quire dec i mal point are all val ues re lat ing to di men sions –

they are also called di men sional words or di men sional val ues It is im por tant to keep in mind that the de fault val ues may drilling tools work for you, but against you as well For ex am ple, if the X-axis co or di –

nate lo ca tion is de fined as X20, for ex am ple, in met ric sys tem it will be in ter preted as X0020, in

the Eng lish units sys tem as X00020 A significant dif fer ence!

There is also a func tion ADP (Add D


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