Punching processing plants, forging press

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Punching processing plants, forging press – co-forging Shenzhen IPM Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. mainly produces presses, pneumatic presses, forging presses and so on, into a punch line, is the only set in Shenzhen structural fabrication, punch body fuselage steel plate mark machine, punch design, punch production, press sales, press installation The method of forming a work piece of a desired shape and size is achieved by applying a pressure to the blank by means of a hammer, anvil, punch or by a die of a forging press to cause plastic deformation. Is a metal and mechanical cold-working equipment, he only changes the shape of the metal. Welcome to inquire, we wait for your negotiations. Punch purchase induction brazing, to find IPM.

Importance of high – end gears in presses during punching operation Dental gear

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Importance of high – end gears in presses during punching operation Dental gear as the Chinese machinery industry with the construction of one of the fundamental pieces of its build technology covers almost the most younger generation of machinery to build skills. Therefore, the annual meeting of foreign exchange of dozens of machine tools, tools, measuring, materials and other gear to create industrial chain of elegant enterprises to participate. Many of these suppliers have made gear to build the younger generation management program Marking on Metals, very practical. Sandvik Coromant as a nationally renowned supplier of metal cutting tools and management solutions, sent the Greater China region gear milling management program expert Thomas Williamson Jr and the participants to share Sandvik Coromant’s ‘gear processing challenges And management solutions.

He introduced the new CoroMill 176, a new all-toothed hob used for gear milling in Sandvik Coromant drilling machine online purchase. This new, all-toothed hob is intended for machining gears with a 4 to 6 mm range of modulus and can be used Roughing, semi-finishing and finishing. He demonstrated the absolute superiority of the CoroMill 176 and the conventional high-speed steel cutting tools by cutting data from all over the world: 50% reduction in tool life and double tool life. He focused on the introduction of Sandvik Coromant unilateral tool management program copper busbar bending machine, so that the participants in the short term to recognize the Sandvik Coromant tool to bring the cost of cutting expenditure and follow the sweetness of the drain. After the meeting, a number of business representatives and industry experts are still interesting and deep to its deeper coherent exchange.

Punch must see the article before use IPM

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Punch must see the article before use IPM insists on the quality policy of ‘quality and service’, continuously improves the quality consciousness and quality level of the whole staff, confirms the quality target and the principle of compliance, and ensures the advanced position and reliability of IPM precision punching machine in the market competition angle Opening Machine. Before using the precision presses we should: (1) to check the lubrication of all parts, and make the lubrication of electricity to be fully lubricated; (2) Check whether the mold is installed correctly and reliably;

(3) Check whether the compressed air pressure in the specified range; (4) check the switch button is sensitive and reliable copper bending machine, be sure to make the flywheel and clutch disengage, to open the motor; (5) to make the press several empty stroke shear steel, check the brake, clutch and control of the work of the situation; (6) Check whether the main motor abnormal heating, abnormal vibration, abnormal sound; (7) using manual pump on the slider to add lithium ester oil; (8) Check to adjust the gap between the rollers of the feeder to the process requirement.

Punch prices vary in different forms, choose their own is a good punch

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good punch In this case angle mark machine, General punch selection, the main consideration of the key, including processing category, contribute tons of flat area, the length of the trip, the daily production of five major items. There are many types of stamping, such as shearing, stretching, forming and embossing. They can be subdivided into four types: punching, punching, cutting, stretching, bending angle cutter machine, forming and pressing. India and other categories, the processing characteristics are different. The total tonnage of the press is estimated by the total tonnage required to complete the processing of the mold. Therefore, the main factors affecting the tonnage of the press, including the length of the perimeter of the part, the thickness of the material, and the strength of the material band saw.

Punch prices vary in different forms, choose their own is a good punch 1, cabinets, cabinets and other sheet metal processing suitable for CNC punch, according to the number of different turret mold, the specific configuration of different structures, the price difference. 2, screen, solar, water pipes and other processing suitable for CNC punch press, according to the feeder size, configuration, the price difference. 3, plate plate punching, need to use the plate CNC punch press structure, there are differences, the price is different. 4, automobile manufacturers, punching and other large steel needs of the NC punching production line, beam Chong, trabecular Chong, CNC punching machine, auto stringer production line, and usually said that the great difference between the NC punch, the price is different. 5, hydraulic-driven high-speed high-punch NC punch, the price is different. 6, punching accuracy plus or minus 0.1 mm. 7, the tonnage of choice: 16/20/25/40/63/80/100. 8, other parameters, different models, the conventional is 2500 * 1250 mm, there are other size options. 9, vertical, horizontal, gantry type machining center, imported parts configuration, domestic production, excellent quality, stable performance.

Punch oil leakage is how the matter and how to improve production quality

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Punch not only pollute the environment impact of oil leakage, but also lead to stamping production can not proceed smoothly, then the punch oil leakage is how is it? What causes the punch oil leak? 1, oil seal poor quality caused by the punch oil. Poor quality of the oil seal will lead to hydraulic cylinder oil leakage, especially now on the market, some of the poor quality of the oil seal, the use of time is not long on the oil spill, or even just put on some oil spills. Such as maintenance, multi-vehicle oil seal to seal more ways to prevent oil leakage, the effect is better. 2, caused by improper operation of the punch oil. Punch operator caused by improper use, overloading or dumping angle is too large, sometimes pulling the hydraulic cylinder face, squeeze the oil seal caused by oil spills. At present, some enterprises are basically operating the punch of skilled workers, relatively speaking, this area is easy to solve more.

Punch oil leakage is how the matter and how to improve production quality

3, punch cylinder processing quality is poor. Some manufacturers of fuel tanks, processing size control is not good, the assembly of the fuel tank, oil seal with some too tight, and some too loose, and some processing equipment is relatively backward, so to create the accessories is unsatisfactory. It is recommended that you use the gap after the cylinder. The above is the common cause of punch oil leakage, in addition, there are many causes of punch oil leakage, where the operator needs to do routine hydraulic system maintenance work, once the oil leak should be promptly repaired. A high-quality press machine equipment not only to ensure the accuracy of processing accuracy but also to ensure the quality of processing, then, how can we produce high-quality punching machine? Here we take a look at how the production of high-quality punching machine equipment. 1. To attach importance to the choice of raw materials. The quality of raw materials determines the quality of punching machine key gantry welding machine, in the selection of punching machine materials were done on the study, the use of HT250 punching iron material, the annealing process hydraulic hole punch machine, the material required to achieve the current high-end press industry, 10-1 or 10-5 copper sets, to ensure the durability of copper sets, bearing the use of Wafangdian bearing, the motor is the world’s electrical, electrical circuit products are Zhengtai electrical products, raw materials, absolute quality assurance.

2. To ensure the accuracy of the production process test. Production process can not be ignored, the accuracy requirements of any machinery and equipment production is inevitable, ISO inspection is the production process of the inspection press, in the production process to ensure the accuracy of production is to control the quality of the core, this process is mainly management and Norms, our company is mainly 6 S management and ISO testing procedures to control the quality of production. 3. The assembly process is to pay special attention. Assembly of the careful is the responsibility of the production of stamping machines, where the assembly workers required to strictly implement each assembly process, with clearance to equipment needs, workshop supervisors, quality inspectors of each assembly process to test a good, qualified after signing Acceptance CNC Angle Line, to ensure the accuracy of the machine and the machine running smoothly.

Punch the piston slide is what causes

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Punch work in two ways, that is, single-acting and double-acting work, in these two working conditions, the coordination between the parts if not good, will lead to excessive force, the piston will slip or Crawling phenomenon, then, cause the punch piston slip of the reasons for that? Piston slide in addition to the coordination between the various parts of the inconsistencies,

Punch the piston slide is what causes

Punch the piston slide is what causes

there may be the following reasons: 1, press the hydraulic cylinder seal work is not in place CNC Steel pipe welding machine, which entered the air busbar bending cutting punching machine, there will be the case of piston slip. 2, between the lubrication of parts is not in place, or the punch cylinder bore diameter processing, but will lead to the phenomenon of piston slip. 3, Shibuya internal punch plate drilling machine.

Punch precision how to reflect

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High-quality pneumatic punch external performance is high stiffness and high precision Multi Spindle Drilling Machine, especially high precision is a direct impact on the quality of stamping products and mold life. Such as the general accuracy of the pneumatic punch on the use of tens of thousands of times that produce mold chipping, and in the Seoul pneumatic punch in more than 1 million times have chipping phenomenon. Punch is how to ensure the accuracy of pneumatic punch it? The so-called pneumatic punch accuracy is the relationship between the pneumatic punch and die with the correct process of movement, pneumatic punch accuracy is reflected in three aspects: First, the parallelism of the press, the second is the vertical punch, three punch total gap , If the accuracy of the punch can not reach the standard, not only will reduce the precision of the stamping product angle closing Machine, shorten the service life of the continuous mode, will also cause difficulties in the installation of continuous mold, can not use more sophisticated mold, but also in the actual stamping production A lot of noise. Punch in the aluminum doors and windows have a wealth of experience, the accuracy of the punch test is particularly stringent, the current main test items include five items: 1, pneumatic punch table surface and slide the true value of the lower surface. 2. The parallelism between the lower surface of the slider and the upper surface of the table 3 CNC H-Beam Drilling Machine, punch slider up and down reciprocating motion and the top surface of the vertical. 4, punch mold handle hole with the slider under the surface of the angle. 5, the press link between the Ministry of the total gap between the upper and lower.

Punch precision is a device performance punching the most attention to the use of punching

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Punch accuracy is a device performance punching the most attention to the use of punching presses, and automatic punching the actual accuracy of the feeding accuracy of the feed device with the precision of a key point is the punch itself. Precision parts, the use of precision sub-assembly accuracy, punch-related debugging, the other is that the punch itself is the most perfect, in many domestic punch precision instability phenomenon, in addition to its assembly process, is also a basic reason is imperfect structure. The traditional punch press consists of connecting rod crankshaft. Slider, the rotary motion into a linear motion, so that the slider up and down reciprocating motion, the rotation process will produce lateral force in the connecting rod slider, slider and lead copper uneven wear, which fundamentally affect the slider Movement accuracy of the punch final. In order to fundamentally solve the traditional punch press link lack of punching punch precision punch, I through a link structure of the guide post, in the lower end of the connecting rod through the pin and guide column connection, connecting rod set in the semi-circular copper slider to bear Under the pressure of the punch, the guide post is covered with a copper sleeve, copper sets the external set guide column movement under the guidance of this new structure in the lateral force generated by the punch link, force the conduction to the slider vertical. Which can reduce the uneven wear of the sliding block and improve the accuracy of the dynamic sliding. The driving mechanism of the body is a closed structure cnc plate drilling machine, and the structural strength can be increased. The sealing structure can avoid structural damage caused by dust intrusion, To achieve high-precision targets, long life, low noise. I punch precision standard dry clutch, so that the dry clutch, taking into account the press to film cooling factors, so punch accuracy using open space, the structure of the role of friction plate through the heat generated, and the atmosphere in the air However, due to the structural design, the punch must have sufficient space to distribute the heat generated from that piece. This structure occupies too much space cnc hydraulic busbar bending machine. In order to save space, reduce the amount of use and reduce the amount of film formation steel saw, it is impossible , So the dry clutch volume installation accuracy is relatively high punch.

Punch safety management is the basis of production

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Punch safety management is the basis of production, is to achieve efficient prerequisite. Many users in the use of punch, and no good security planning work, many small security risks can easily be ignored, IPM is a professional punch manufacturer, summed up a number of punch safety management experience to share with you, here we together Let’s see.

1, the safety technology departments and equipment departments must participate in the press installation, overhaul after the commissioning of the acceptance test, as well as the safety of equipment used in regular inspection, acceptance before use.

2, the establishment of the shift system, job responsibility system, maintenance system, regular inspection and maintenance system, accident registration and reporting system, and strictly enforced.

3, for each device to establish a complete equipment files. The file should include: the name of the manufacturer, the installation unit and maintenance, the quality of the transformation provided by the documents and technical information and so on.

4, the operator must be at least 18 years of age and after the specialized training of the business sector, familiar with the equipment performance and maintenance knowledge, after passing the security examination certificate before the induction operation.

5, for obsolete, failure, abnormal, lack of safety equipment, the press, the technical transformation is still not up to safety standards, by the competent departments and safety technology departments seriously identified, the prohibition of use. Confirmed the value of non-transformation should be scrapped, non-resale.

Cause punch press load noise which causes

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Sometimes, the staff believe that the punch load noise is a big trouble, let Xiao Bian to you today to solve this problem.

Resulting in load-driven noise between the punch tool and the workpiece or the impact of the stripper plate and the billet, the cause of the hot stamping and shearing process. Distortion and punching process of the largest punching shear noise.

1, punch noise: red process is different, the noise is very different. Sheet metal punching noise than bending, drawing, stamping and pressure wave, flanging, such as bending, noise drawing process is very small.

2. Torsional noise: similar to the punch grain noise and stamping thickness, hardness, geometry, hammer speed parts, mold gap factor, such as with the increase and increase in the number of noise. During punching, punch and sheet and stripper plates and slabs greatly increase the impact will also be associated with the impact of the increase in the speed of the crash, noise and subsequent material cracking effects can be measured separately, the increase in the measurement method has been Put into practice. In the same punch, cutting thick, hard material than punching thin, soft material noise. On the ductility of the thickness of the metal sheet, the punch impinges on the noise and catches to the same size.

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