Pressing groove mold for press press Pressing groove mold for press press

December 26, 2016 · Posted in Uncategorised 

In this case, Pressure groove mold structure. Punching work will be blanking punching blanks with positioning pins 8 in the die, the first punch down into the first blank mold frame, punch inherited down, because the rough inner and outer circles are concave Mold constraints, rough in the hydraulic press under the enormous pressure (450kN), high-speed punching material plastic deformation. Three convex groove on the punch presses the blank to extrude three grooves in the hydraulic press drilling boring machine, the groove depth is about 1mm. Limit block 3 to avoid the pressure groove is too deep, can be determined by the trial mode block height. Punch pressure to the bottom dead after the uplink, when the air cushion through the ejector bar, ejector plate to the top of the blank. In this case, 3 pieces of circular grooves have high precision, the original CNC cutting machine, cutting difficult, long processing cycle, manufacturing costs are also high, is the use of cold extrusion processing Welding adjustable stand, can improve labor efficiency drilling tools, reduce labor intensity , But must have a reasonable punch press die structure and accurate process guarantee.


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