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Punch Model | Precision Punch wholesale | Dongguan Pneumatic Punch professional production plant How to determine the cause of the error? In this case, Here refers to the error refers to the completion of cutting to get the workpiece and the expected value of the gap. This gap may come from machine tool accuracy, possibly from material deformation, possibly from computational errors, or from machine tool control errors. Clear the reasons it is possible to eliminate errors. In this case, 1, the calculation error: This is a human reason, can be verified, can prove, but also can be found early. Intermediate calculation of the premature rounding, repeated use of a number of digits is not enough irrational number (such as multi-tooth), the decimal system and degree of confusion and so on. In this case, 2, punch control error: the frequency of occurrence is very small, because today’s machine control system is well-tested, the technology is mature.

Man-made errors it will refuse to accept, it can also be accepted down in the pre-processing check or return to zero check CNC Movement Drilling machine. The zero return check for accumulated errors due to multiple rotations can also be found. In this case, 3, punch accuracy: This usually refers to mechanical precision, is the actual value and the theoretical value of that difference. The most direct cause of this difference is the hysteresis and straightness, verticality. This difference should be in the range of 0 welding automation.005 ~ 0.02mm, this value can be measured, can be adjusted, on the current machine tool structure, to make this error is controlled in the following 0.02mm is easy, but to 0.005 The following is very difficult. In this case, 4, the material deformation: As long as there are good operating habits, calculated to complete the rehearsal, the input is over to check, to start before school zero, hand wheel scale to check. He did not calculate the wrong punch is not wrong should have sufficient grasp of the remaining is the deformation, but the deformation of the causes and ways to overcome to carefully pondering best mill drill.


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