Punch oil leakage is how the matter and how to improve production quality

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Punch not only pollute the environment impact of oil leakage, but also lead to stamping production can not proceed smoothly, then the punch oil leakage is how is it? What causes the punch oil leak? 1, oil seal poor quality caused by the punch oil. Poor quality of the oil seal will lead to hydraulic cylinder oil leakage, especially now on the market, some of the poor quality of the oil seal, the use of time is not long on the oil spill, or even just put on some oil spills. Such as maintenance, multi-vehicle oil seal to seal more ways to prevent oil leakage, the effect is better. 2, caused by improper operation of the punch oil. Punch operator caused by improper use, overloading or dumping angle is too large, sometimes pulling the hydraulic cylinder face, squeeze the oil seal caused by oil spills. At present, some enterprises are basically operating the punch of skilled workers, relatively speaking, this area is easy to solve more.

Punch oil leakage is how the matter and how to improve production quality

3, punch cylinder processing quality is poor. Some manufacturers of fuel tanks, processing size control is not good, the assembly of the fuel tank, oil seal with some too tight, and some too loose, and some processing equipment is relatively backward, so to create the accessories is unsatisfactory. It is recommended that you use the gap after the cylinder. The above is the common cause of punch oil leakage, in addition, there are many causes of punch oil leakage, where the operator needs to do routine hydraulic system maintenance work, once the oil leak should be promptly repaired. A high-quality press machine equipment not only to ensure the accuracy of processing accuracy but also to ensure the quality of processing, then, how can we produce high-quality punching machine? Here we take a look at how the production of high-quality punching machine equipment. 1. To attach importance to the choice of raw materials. The quality of raw materials determines the quality of punching machine key gantry welding machine, in the selection of punching machine materials were done on the study, the use of HT250 punching iron material, the annealing process hydraulic hole punch machine, the material required to achieve the current high-end press industry, 10-1 or 10-5 copper sets, to ensure the durability of copper sets, bearing the use of Wafangdian bearing, the motor is the world’s electrical, electrical circuit products are Zhengtai electrical products, raw materials, absolute quality assurance.

2. To ensure the accuracy of the production process test. Production process can not be ignored, the accuracy requirements of any machinery and equipment production is inevitable, ISO inspection is the production process of the inspection press, in the production process to ensure the accuracy of production is to control the quality of the core, this process is mainly management and Norms, our company is mainly 6 S management and ISO testing procedures to control the quality of production. 3. The assembly process is to pay special attention. Assembly of the careful is the responsibility of the production of stamping machines, where the assembly workers required to strictly implement each assembly process, with clearance to equipment needs, workshop supervisors, quality inspectors of each assembly process to test a good, qualified after signing Acceptance CNC Angle Line, to ensure the accuracy of the machine and the machine running smoothly.


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