Punch precision how to reflect

December 6, 2016 · Posted in Uncategorised 

High-quality pneumatic punch external performance is high stiffness and high precision Multi Spindle Drilling Machine, especially high precision is a direct impact on the quality of stamping products and mold life. Such as the general accuracy of the pneumatic punch on the use of tens of thousands of times that produce mold chipping, and in the Seoul pneumatic punch in more than 1 million times have chipping phenomenon. Punch is how to ensure the accuracy of pneumatic punch it? The so-called pneumatic punch accuracy is the relationship between the pneumatic punch and die with the correct process of movement, pneumatic punch accuracy is reflected in three aspects: First, the parallelism of the press, the second is the vertical punch, three punch total gap , If the accuracy of the punch can not reach the standard, not only will reduce the precision of the stamping product angle closing Machine, shorten the service life of the continuous mode, will also cause difficulties in the installation of continuous mold, can not use more sophisticated mold, but also in the actual stamping production A lot of noise. Punch in the aluminum doors and windows have a wealth of experience, the accuracy of the punch test is particularly stringent, the current main test items include five items: 1, pneumatic punch table surface and slide the true value of the lower surface. 2. The parallelism between the lower surface of the slider and the upper surface of the table 3 CNC H-Beam Drilling Machine, punch slider up and down reciprocating motion and the top surface of the vertical. 4, punch mold handle hole with the slider under the surface of the angle. 5, the press link between the Ministry of the total gap between the upper and lower.


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