Punch precision is a device performance punching the most attention to the use of punching

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Punch accuracy is a device performance punching the most attention to the use of punching presses, and automatic punching the actual accuracy of the feeding accuracy of the feed device with the precision of a key point is the punch itself. Precision parts, the use of precision sub-assembly accuracy, punch-related debugging, the other is that the punch itself is the most perfect, in many domestic punch precision instability phenomenon, in addition to its assembly process, is also a basic reason is imperfect structure. The traditional punch press consists of connecting rod crankshaft. Slider, the rotary motion into a linear motion, so that the slider up and down reciprocating motion, the rotation process will produce lateral force in the connecting rod slider, slider and lead copper uneven wear, which fundamentally affect the slider Movement accuracy of the punch final. In order to fundamentally solve the traditional punch press link lack of punching punch precision punch, I through a link structure of the guide post, in the lower end of the connecting rod through the pin and guide column connection, connecting rod set in the semi-circular copper slider to bear Under the pressure of the punch, the guide post is covered with a copper sleeve, copper sets the external set guide column movement under the guidance of this new structure in the lateral force generated by the punch link, force the conduction to the slider vertical. Which can reduce the uneven wear of the sliding block and improve the accuracy of the dynamic sliding. The driving mechanism of the body is a closed structure cnc plate drilling machine, and the structural strength can be increased. The sealing structure can avoid structural damage caused by dust intrusion, To achieve high-precision targets, long life, low noise. I punch precision standard dry clutch, so that the dry clutch, taking into account the press to film cooling factors, so punch accuracy using open space, the structure of the role of friction plate through the heat generated, and the atmosphere in the air However, due to the structural design, the punch must have sufficient space to distribute the heat generated from that piece. This structure occupies too much space cnc hydraulic busbar bending machine. In order to save space, reduce the amount of use and reduce the amount of film formation steel saw, it is impossible , So the dry clutch volume installation accuracy is relatively high punch.


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