Punch prices vary in different forms, choose their own is a good punch

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good punch In this case angle mark machine, General punch selection, the main consideration of the key, including processing category, contribute tons of flat area, the length of the trip, the daily production of five major items. There are many types of stamping, such as shearing, stretching, forming and embossing. They can be subdivided into four types: punching, punching, cutting, stretching, bending angle cutter machine, forming and pressing. India and other categories, the processing characteristics are different. The total tonnage of the press is estimated by the total tonnage required to complete the processing of the mold. Therefore, the main factors affecting the tonnage of the press, including the length of the perimeter of the part, the thickness of the material, and the strength of the material band saw.

Punch prices vary in different forms, choose their own is a good punch 1, cabinets, cabinets and other sheet metal processing suitable for CNC punch, according to the number of different turret mold, the specific configuration of different structures, the price difference. 2, screen, solar, water pipes and other processing suitable for CNC punch press, according to the feeder size, configuration, the price difference. 3, plate plate punching, need to use the plate CNC punch press structure, there are differences, the price is different. 4, automobile manufacturers, punching and other large steel needs of the NC punching production line, beam Chong, trabecular Chong, CNC punching machine, auto stringer production line, and usually said that the great difference between the NC punch, the price is different. 5, hydraulic-driven high-speed high-punch NC punch, the price is different. 6, punching accuracy plus or minus 0.1 mm. 7, the tonnage of choice: 16/20/25/40/63/80/100. 8, other parameters, different models, the conventional is 2500 * 1250 mm, there are other size options. 9, vertical, horizontal, gantry type machining center, imported parts configuration, domestic production, excellent quality, stable performance.


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