Punch safety management is the basis of production

November 10, 2016 · Posted in Uncategorised 

Punch safety management is the basis of production, is to achieve efficient prerequisite. Many users in the use of punch, and no good security planning work, many small security risks can easily be ignored, IPM is a professional punch manufacturer, summed up a number of punch safety management experience to share with you, here we together Let’s see.

1, the safety technology departments and equipment departments must participate in the press installation, overhaul after the commissioning of the acceptance test, as well as the safety of equipment used in regular inspection, acceptance before use.

2, the establishment of the shift system, job responsibility system, maintenance system, regular inspection and maintenance system, accident registration and reporting system, and strictly enforced.

3, for each device to establish a complete equipment files. The file should include: the name of the manufacturer, the installation unit and maintenance, the quality of the transformation provided by the documents and technical information and so on.

4, the operator must be at least 18 years of age and after the specialized training of the business sector, familiar with the equipment performance and maintenance knowledge, after passing the security examination certificate before the induction operation.

5, for obsolete, failure, abnormal, lack of safety equipment, the press, the technical transformation is still not up to safety standards, by the competent departments and safety technology departments seriously identified, the prohibition of use. Confirmed the value of non-transformation should be scrapped, non-resale.


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