The Development Trend of NC Drilling Machine in Performance

October 5, 2016 · Posted in Uncategorised 

In recent years, CNC drilling machine has experienced unprecedented opportunities for development, but also encountered a greater challenge, then, CNC drilling machine performance in turn ushered in the development trend of what?
1, high-speed, high-precision high-speed, high-precision printed circuit board processing is the basic theme.
With the electronic products toward the miniaturization and miniaturization of the development trend of the printed circuit board aperture, line width. Line from the development of increasingly high demand, the main technical indicators of CNC drilling machine has increased to varying degrees, a number of Chu level , The current domestic and international PCB industry is very competitive.Production basin in the increase in profits decline.Therefore, we must fully improve the processing efficiency of the machine.Otherwise even if the Shoot again high, will lose economic significance.
2, high reliability, low equipment failure rate of rapid market agility, PCB manufacturers require a very short time in the provisions on time delivery, otherwise it will adversely affect business opportunities, which does not allow equipment often problems.
3, system integration, high degree of flexibility With the deepening of the process of social information, the corresponding requirements of CNC drilling machine integration, high degree of flexibility, a series of discrete essential processes integrated into a sweeping sweeping process Adapting to the basic concept of modern manufacturing industry, it is required that the numerical control system not only accomplish the normal processing functions, but also can automatically measure, automatically load and unload, and automatically change tool.


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